How to Turn Your Loneliness Into Laughter

how-to-turn-your-loneliness-into-laughter-3d-bookVery few have the talent to turn loneliness into laughter. I’m among them. I often break the melancholy atmosphere with a funny gesture or joke and then loneliness instantly turns into laughter.

It’s not easy to do. But if you develop the knack for it, well, it becomes easy.  And there are ways to do this effectively. I share it here in this e-book.

It’s basically about how you see things with the right perspective. And you have to develop a creative mind to do this well. The perspective does not come easy; you have to create and develop it in your mind until you have it naturally in you without much effort.

This e-book explains:

  1. The purpose of loneliness. Why it is part of life. What’s God’s purpose for it?
  2. The need to weep before you can laugh. Only those who understand how sad life is can later laugh about it.
  3. How to sustain a laughing lifestyle. They say laughter is temporary happiness. Well, then make it permanent!
  4. How joy is the foundation of good laughter. There is shallow happiness and there is deep happiness.
  5. How to develop a lifestyle of always finding something funny about life.

So, start being genuinely happy and enjoying good laughter with the principles found in my e-book for only P75.00!

To buy, click this link. Pay at Paypal and then be taken to the blog page where you download your PDF copy of the -ebook!


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